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B.C.’s Buckin’ Hell trail race adds 30K distance

UTMB qualifier the third 50K in B.C. in the last two weeks

The Buckin’ Hell 50K trail race took place yesterday, along with a brand-new 30K distance on Vancouver’s North Shore. The 50K (which can also be done as a two-person relay) is a looped course that starts at Deep Cove’s Panorama Park and follows the Old Buck, Baden Powell and other trails up and down Mount Seymour for 2,600m of elevation change, including some very technical portions for those who like a challenge (as if the distance isn’t challenging enough). The 50K is one of a number of qualifying races for Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB), the most famous trail ultramarathon in the world. 

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In the 50K two-person relay, one runner runs 27K to the top of Mount Seymour while the other drives to the summit, where they switch. The descent follows a different route and is 23K.


As usual, race director Gary Robbins was on hand for hugs at the finish line.

143 runners out of 173 starters finished the 50K, and 11 countries were represented between the two distances. Glenn Jasechko was first in the 50K, in a time of 5:02:03, followed by Mike Mcmillan in 5:14:38 and James Lamers in 5:26:45.

This shout out goes to someone who spends a lot of time at CrossFit Squamish but outside of the main bustle of classes. Genevieve is an ultra runner I met at the @caprarunning Alpine camp last summer. She’s got some big goals these days and she’s kinda crushing them. I’ve been working with her regularly in the clinic since the end of last summer and she’s an amazing example of the effect of maintenance treatments and addressing potential injuries immediately. She’s coached by @garyrobbins and @skiericcarter, and on their go ahead we recently shifted her strength training days into the gym as powerlifting 1-on-1 sessions (she shows some pretty big potential here too 😳). This weekend Genevieve completed the first of her big summer goals by (think about how ♨️ it’s been…) running her third 50k race of 3 back to back weekends of 50k races (Knee Knacker, Broken Goat and Buckin Hell). This combo is an official challenge called “Buck Me This Goat is Knackered” and her amazing results in each earned her 1st place female!!! Next up is her first ever 100 miler in September. I’m really (really really) excited to be going with her to Utah to crew and pace. Oh, and it’s probably worth mentioning she’s somehow pulling this all off while working shift work, doing her Masters and getting her @atwellhealth private practice off the ground … how’s that for juggling the work/life balance?! 🙌

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Samantha Drove was the first female to finish, in 6:12:32, followed by Freya Wasteneys in 6:30:08 and Hilary Matheson in 6:46:54.

In the 30K, Nathan Atwood was first across the finish line, in 2:58:17. Tyler Trace was second, in 3:02:09, and Charles Waters third, in 3:10:45. Patricia Roney was first female (and fifth overall), in 3:27:16. Danielle O’Neill was second, in 3:40:16, and Eva Glickman third, in 3:55:58.

In the 50K team relay, Xavier Bouchard and Flavie Pelletier were first, in 5:29:15. Stephanie Hamilton and Noah Bloom were second, in 5:40:04, and William Chorm and Andrea Smith third, in 5:44:29.

Six women and four men completed the “Buck Me This Goat is Knackered” trifecta, consisting of the Buckin’ Hell 50K, the Broken Goat 50K (which took place July 21 in Rossland, B.C.) and the Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run 50K, which took place July 14.