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Barkley Marathons: Kelly, Calmettes and Coury complete loop 1

Kelly and Calmettes continue to hold a strong lead in the race through the wilds of Tennessee

John Kelly and Guillaume Calmettes returned to camp at Frozen Head State Park after completing the first loop of the Barkley Marathons, in almost exactly eight and a half hours, as predicted by one of the many thousands of tweeters following the race. All three returned to the course for loop 2 after spending no more than five or six minutes in camp fuelling up and changing gear.

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Several hours ago, Karel Sabbe was in fourth position arriving at the top of Rat Jaw. After that, a number of runners showed up periodically throughout the afternoon, though Jared Campbell was a long way back of where he was expected. Others included Nicky Spinks, Stephanie Case and Maggie Guterl. Tweeters are speculating that Pavel Paloncy’s race may be over, since he is unlikely to make it back to camp before the 12-hour cutoff. 


The weather is supposed to turn much colder tonight, and rain is expected. 

The hashtag to follow for a steady stream of updates on the Barkley Marathons is #bm100.

So far we’ve heard nothing of Canadian Morgan Mckay’s progress.

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