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Canada’s Madden finishes 12th at Marathon du Mont-Blanc

Marathon's top three females finish within a four-minute span


Canada’s Anne-Marie Madden finished a very respectable 12th at the Marathon du Mont-Blanc in Chamonix yesterday, with a time of 5:20. 

The 42K race was won by Ruth Croft of New Zealand in 4:37. Ida Nilsson of Sweden was second, in 4:39, and Eli Gordon of Spain third, in 4:41.

In the men’s race, Spain’s Kilian Jornet was first, in 3:54. It was his second straight win, in the second race of Salomon’s Golden Trail series. Marc Laurenstein of Switzerland was second, in 3:58, and Norway’s Stian Angermund was third in 4:00.


In the 90K ultra, Sylvain Court of France was first, in 11:23. Mimmi Kotka of Sweden was the first female, in 12:09.

In the Vertical K, Jacob Adkin of the UK was first, in 34:46. Hillary Gerardi of the US was the first woman, in 42:54.

The marathon was inaugurated in 2003.

To watch a spectacular video of Ida Nilsson (second-place finisher) and Norway’s Emilie Forsberg mountain running in Norway with Katie Adams of Idaho, winner of Salomon’s Running Dream trip competition, click here and scroll down to the video on the left.