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Canadian smashes course record at Dragon’s Back

Galen Reynolds wins toughest 5-day mountain stage race in the world

Last week, history was made at The Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race in Wales. Known as the toughest five-day mountain stage race in the world, the course travels north to south, covering 315K with 15,500 metres of elevation gain over the Welsh mountains. From May 19 to May 23, trail, fell, and ultrarunners tested their limits on the remote and stunning course. Canadian Galen Reynolds broke the tape in Llandeilo in 37:48:06 and set a new course record.

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Each stage is unique in design to enhance the competition. In the first two days, Reynolds raced strategically beside second place winner Jim Mann (UK). The chase was on, as Mann won the race in 2015 and placed second in 2017. Going into the final stage on Day 5, Reynolds was in the lead by 42 minutes. Lisa Watson (UK) won the female race in 44:33:23.
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Reynolds wasn’t the only Canadian running strong overseas last weekend. Out of 251 finishers, eight were Canadian. Nick Sunderland (53:38:05), Wade Repta (56:57:23), Nicki Rehn (62:14:12), Claire Perks (63:53:15), Randy Duncan (67:19:40), Kevin Matrosovs (70:21:56) and Theresa Neilsen (73:29:32) made Canada proud with their accomplishments. Sometimes getting to the start line can be the bravest thing of all. Charlie Quinn and Chris Ford called it quits after Day 2.
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It seems as though Reynolds only gets stronger, faster, and more resilient each year. In 2018 he palced second at Tor des Geants 330K race in Courmayeur, Italy. Reynolds’ Dragon’s Back record will sit for at least two years, as the next race is in 2021.

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