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Dave Proctor run commutes 170K to race, wins 100-miler in course record

Black Diamond, Alta.'s Dave Proctor redefines what it means to run commute

Dave Proctor
Dave Proctor
Photo: Ralph Arnold Photography.

If an ultra-marathon isn’t enough on its own, try run commuting to the race.

That’s exactly what Black Diamond, Alta.’s Dave Proctor did before the 2017 Lost Soul Ultra in Lethbridge, Alta. Not only did he reach the race start entirely by foot and complete the 160K race, he won, in course record time clocking 19:27:22. He finished more than 50 minutes ahead of second place.

To get to the race, Proctor ran 170K beginning Wednesday ahead of the Friday start. He says he averaged 5:10 per kilometre for the trek to Lethbridge from Okotoks. Splitting 80K and 88K for the two-day trip, Proctor, the former world record holder for “greatest distance run on a treadmill in 24 hours,” arrived in Lethbridge on Thursday in time for the start of the race on the morning of Sept. 8.

The race itself was hot, with temperatures reaching upwards of 40 C, according to Proctor, with air quality affected because of nearby fires. Proctor recapped the entire event, including the pre-race run commute on his website, which can be found here.

And, in case you’re wondering, he opted against run commuting for the return trip.

The day after the event, and at the awards ceremony, Proctor announced that he would be running across Canada in 2018 in hopes of breaking the Trans-Canada speed record. Proctor will be attempting to run 7,200K in 66 days to raise awareness for the Rare Disease Foundation. He plans on beginning the trek on June 22, 2018 from Victoria.