VIDEO: Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard is also a trail running rock star

Salomon TV profiles Ben Gibbard, the lead vocalist of Death Cab for Cutie, who describes his relationship with music and trail running.

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When rock star Ben Gibbard isn’t performing in front of thousands of Death Cab for Cutie fans, this lead vocalist is out exploring the trails. The 40-year-old is profiled in a recent Salomon TV short film which looks at the musician’s double life as an athlete and performer.

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“All my being was completely integrated into being a musician,” says Gibbard of his career in his twenties. He admits that although it’s a big part of his life, it’s not his entire life.

Being from the Pacific Northwest (Bellingham, Wash.) means that Gibbard occasionally travels up to Canada for trail races. This past August, Gibbard raced the Squamish 50 and also welcomed the help from Canadian trail running legend Gary Robbins as a pacer during the Cascade Crest 100-miler.

The alternative rock band Death Cab for Cutie was formed in Bellingham in 1997 and has since been nominated for eight Grammy Awards including for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Album.

Salomon TV profile

Featured in the video is Nick Triolo who met Gibbard in Mexico in 2013. After the pair went on a two-hour run, Triolo was invited to join Death Cab for Cutie on tour and acted as Gibbard’s “trail coordinator.”

Sections of the music footage in the Salomon TV profile is shot at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, one of the nation’s most iconic environments for fans and musicians. The venue is an open-air amphitheatre, just west of Denver, which can host upwards of 9,525 people.

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Gibbard says that since he got in to trail running, he can’t imagine his life without it. That’s a similar relationship as the one he has with music. He compares his connection with the audience at shows to the connection he has with the natural environment around him when out running the trails.