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“Endless” star Gary Robbins diagnosed with stress reaction

"Unfortunately there won't be any running images posted by me this summer as I've been diagnosed with a "stress reaction" (precursor to stress fracture) in the neck of my femur."

Gary Robbins


Just two days after the TSN documentary Endless aired, Gary Robbins was diagnosed with a stress reaction. Robbins is one of the most famous Canadian trail, and ultramarathon runners. 

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Robbins has now attempted the Barkley Marathons three separate times, but has yet to successfully finish the race. This year Robbins did the best of the competitors, but unfortunately did not complete the course within the allotted time.

Robbins wrote on his blog post-race, “I will return for a fourth go, but honestly we don’t know when that will be.” Endless is a documentary about Robbins’s Barkley Marathon attempts. 

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Robbins tweeted on Saturday that, “Unfortunately there won’t be any running images posted by me this summer as I’ve been diagnosed with a “stress reaction” (precursor to stress fracture) in the neck of my femur. So it’s a summer of biking for this kid.”

Robbins continued, “It’s nice to have a diagnosis, and it’s nice to no longer have to question the pain or to wonder about simply pushing through it.”


Robbins’s injury will prevent him from running for a few weeks, but could allow him some extra “saddle time” with his son, and newest training partner, Reed.