Barkley Marathons
Refuelling between loops three and four.

It’s clear by now that Gary Robbins is a Canadian trailrunning legend. As the 2017 Barkley Marathons comes to an end, most following the toughest North American endurance event are uttering his name in suspense. 

Mr. Robbins’ beard however, is gaining some fame of its own. This lush red accomplice of Canada’s most popular trail runner made our list of best beards in the running scene last month. Since then, it has been getting exclusive views of the Barkley Marathons course as Robbins works to complete the last lap. And it just got its own Twitter account (As of April 1). 

While we’re on the Barkley Marathons course, bringing live updates as they come, Robbins’ beard is bringing a rather alternative behind-the-scenes views. It’s certainly making up for its owner’s social media blackout period. It turns out, the Robbins beard has some personality… 

Gary’s luscious fiery beard deserves some shout-outs for a) sticking by his side during this most difficult challenge b) keeping it real despite his owners’ hallucinations and bad renditions of Adele songs and c) being seriously funny on Twitter. Well done at Barkleys, beard. While we wait to see how this year’s race finishes, here’s the best of the Robbins Beard so far:


How to follow Canadian Running at the Barkley Marathons


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