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Gary Robbins won’t be racing Barkley 2019 due to an injury

Robbins has sustained a sacral stress fracture that will sideline him from the 2019 Barkley Marathons

Gary Robbins

Gary Robbins has been on a social media hiatus since December, but today on Instagram he announced that he unfortunately won’t be lining up for the 2019 Barkley Marathons due to multiple stress fractures. 

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He wrote on Monday, “On January 10th I had an MRI and on the 11th I had a CT scan. Diagnosis, sacral stress fracture. Any research into this and you quickly see that it’s not a fun injury and the timeline towards a full recovery is quite lengthy.”

He continued, “I have a follow up CT scan at the end of the month that will establish the continued path to a full recovery over the coming months. Yes I was on the Barkley starting list again this year. No I won’t be able to start the race this year and yes this is an incredibly difficult pill to swallow.”

Barkley Marathons
Photo: Howie Stern.

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Robbins has attempted the Barkley Marathon three times and fallen short on all three occasions. The race, which typically takes place in the last week of March or first week of April, is one of the most difficult trail races in the world. The Barkley gives a small field of runners 60 hours to try and finish five 20-mile loops through mountainous and challenging terrain, while using their orienteering skills to navigate the course, which is not marked. In more than 30 years, just 15 people have finished the race.