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Gary Robbins’s summer scavenger hunt

It's not a virtual race, it's a series of challenges to help you experience your run in a new way

Gary Robbins

One of Canada’s best known trail runners has started his own virtual running series called the CMTR Scavenger Hunt. Gary Robbins‘s scavenger hunt is open for registration and runners can continue to sign up until August 10, 2020. The event consists of 30 challenges that runners can complete over the course of 100 days. Completion of all 30 challenges means you will receive a finishers medal in the mail with 30 buttons for each challenge you accomplished throughout the hunt.

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30 unique challenges, 100 days to complete them all. *please read the instructions for each challenge before heading out the door* 😉 "A Celebration of Movement, Training & Running." * Each challenge has a minimum run (walk or hike) time associated with it, ranging from 35 – 65 minutes. Maximum run time is generally up to you. When you complete your challenge you unlock the badge in your online "trophy case", and you'll also receive a 31 piece finishers medal in the mail that you can put together one button at a time. * You can register and participate from anywhere in the world, and we already have over 900 people registered from a dozen different countries! * $10 from every entry goes directly to the trails via SORCA / NSMBA / WORCA and we've already raised over $13,000! * What challenge are you most excited about? For me it's the GPS art as I've never tried it before. * Which one scares or intimidates you the most? For me, probably the sunrise run, which is currently at 5am. I am NOT a morning person. I may have to wait till day 99 for this one 🤣 * What are you leading off with tomorrow? For me, probably an easy one like run a new trail or run new street. * Full details via link in bio #SummerOfCMTR * Huge thanks to both @broadwayrunclub & @katie_s_mills for all their hard work (graphic design / website build) in getting this off the ground over the last month 🙌

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Each challenge—which Robbins calls a celebration of movement, training and running—is associated with a minimum run (or walk or hike) time, ranging from 35 to 65 minutes. Maximum time is up to the participant. When runners complete the challenge, they unlock the badge in their online trophy case. While the complete list of challenges has yet to be released, the buttons reveal a lot of information. For example, runners will certainly have to run in the rain, climb 2,000 stairs, see the sunrise, try Strava Art and run without their phones at least once. This isn’t a race, but instead it’s a way to encourage enthusiasm for running and challenge runners to do something they’ve never done before with the matter of racing on the back burner.

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Runners can sign up here for only $75, and $10 of each entry goes toward local trail maintenance organizations in B.C.