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Hardrock 100 cancelled for 2019

Unprecedented snowfall in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado this spring has made conditions untenable for the 2019 run. Photo: Tory Scholz

The Hardrock 100-mile Endurance Run, previously scheduled for July 19, has been cancelled for 2019, due to issues related to the unprecedented snowfall on the course in the San Juan mountain range of Colorado this spring.


The run organization took the decision after a lengthy investigation and consultation process involving multiple stakeholders. In the end, it did not feel it could deliver a safe event. Though the actual snow levels appear to be diminishing at an acceptable rate, there were simply too many other factors (such as an unusual amount of avalanche debris, unusually high water levels and road access to aid stations) to risk compromising the safety of runners and volunteers.

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Snow is common in July on the Hardrock 100 course. The course runs at an average of 3,352 metres and reaches a high point of 4,281 metres. However, March 2019 brought almost 230 cm of snow to Silverton, which was 120 per cent higher than historic levels.

A recent Instagram post contained this snow report from Charlie Thorn: “This season has been one of the snowiest seasons we’ve had. However, what sets this year off from most others is that the snow has been extremely wet, particularly late in the winter, and this has been an extraordinary avalanche season…”


“June 3rd’s snow water content across the #SanJuanMountains is over 10 times the normal SWC. The climate models are showing a cool early June followed by normal temperatures with above average precipitation. July is predicted to be warm and wet.”

The run’s Facebook page has complete information on the options available to 2019 entrants, who may either roll over their entry to 2020 or claim a refund:

“All runners who are entered in the 2019 Run as of June 10th, 2019 will have the option of either rolling over their entry into the 2020 Run or withdrawing their entry slot and receiving a full refund of their entry fee. Entrants must notify the Run Director, Dale Garland, by email by July 12th, 2019 if they wish to withdraw; otherwise they will be considered to have elected to roll over their entry into the 2020 Run. Any withdrawals after July 12th, 2019 will receive the usual 50 per cent refund of their entry fee. The wait lists, as they stand on June 10th, 2019 will also roll over to 2020 and any entry slots that open up will be filled from them. There will not be a lottery for the 2020 Run, and no additional applications will be taken. Runners will not be required to do another qualifier to run the 2020 Run.


“Service requirements already satisfied for the 2019 Run will apply to the 2020 Run. Those individuals who have not yet completed their Service Requirement must do so before July 1st, 2020, and we must receive their Service Requirement Form before July 6th, 2020, or they will be removed from the entrant list. The waits lists will be purged of any runners who have not yet turned in their Service Requirement Form on July 6th, 2020.

“We understand that many people already have their plans finalized. With that in mind, we are looking at alternative activities to undertake for those individuals who are still planning to be in Silverton in July. Both our website and social media channels will be updated accordingly as those activities become finalized.”

The full press release is available here.

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