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How to follow Amelia Boone at Big’s Backyard Ultra

Boone is racing Big's after taking her name out of the Barkley Marathons due to a fracture in March

Four-time OCR World Champion and ultra-trail runner Amelia Boone is ready to race again. In March 2019 she was sidelined during the Barkley Marathons due to her fourth stress fracture in three years. She then spent three months at a treatment facility in Seattle, admitting publicly in July that she has been battling anorexia nervosa for 20 years. This weekend, Boone will toe the line at Big’s Backyard Ultra, running a repetitive four-mile (6.4K) loop in 60 minutes until one person remains. The last human standing wins.

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The race that never ends is named after race director Lazarus Lake’s dog Big. Boone will be racing with friend and 2018 second-place female Maggie Guterl. The two are ready to go and have stocked up on Pop-Tarts and Sufferfest beer. 2018 fourth-place male Guillaume Calmettes is also returning this year. The 2018 race made history when Courtney Dauwalter won by running 279.168 miles (446.67K) over 67 loops and Johan Steene won overall in 68 loops.

Rumour has it that Guterl and Calmettes are aiming to run 400 miles. Boone is hoping she can hang on as long as possible. Canadians also hanging on from the start line include Dave Proctor, Matthew Shepard, Ross Anatoly, Casey Thivierge, and Yvan L’Heureux. The race starts at 6:40 a.m. CDT in Bell Buckle, TN. Track Boone and our hardcore Canadians here. Speed doesn’t matter, just completing each lap under 60 minutes until one person remains.


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