How to get into trail running with The Shakeout Podcast

Check out the latest episode of The Shakeout Podcast and learn the ins and outs of trail running

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We put on our best behaviour while Kate Van Buskirk from Canadian Running’s own The Shakeout Podcast interviewed the trail running page. Van Buskirk’s questions strip trail running down to basics, talking about what trail running is, what it is not, why we love it, the dos and don’ts, and how anyone can be a trail runner.
Photo: Tory Scholz

The why

Van Buskirk asks us questions from Canadian Running Magazine’s road and track crowd. The conversations highlight what we love about trail running, such as the community and the opportunity to explore beautiful places. We simplify trail running, encouraging and explaining some of the surprising reasons why people of all backgrounds and abilities may want to consider hitting the trails.
Empire Trail
Photo: Rich Wheater

The what

Trail running seems simple for many of us. Van Buskirks gets us to dive deep into what trail running is, especially for the roadies. We talk about what constitutes a trail race, fastest known times (FKT)s, and the ins and outs of the trail running community. Van Buskirks asks us to share the physical and mental benefits of the trails (cue quadzilla) in comparison to road running. We also explain why bacon might be your next favourite fuelling option for the trails. 

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The how

How to get involved in trail running is not obvious for all runners–especially those living without easy access to the forests and mountains. We share tips and tricks for how people living anywhere can experience trail running. We talk about what gear you might need, what you don’t need, and how to start your own journey to becoming a trail runner. Listen here for the full episode on The Shakeout Podcast.

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