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Kara Goucher is moving to the trails

Kara Goucher is looking to get back to the kind of running she did when she first started

Kara Goucher

Kara Goucher is a World Championship silver medallist, two-time Boston third-place finisher, and an American distance running legend. After an illustrious track career, Goucher moved to the roads. Now she’s making a second move from the roads to the trail, running her debut trail marathon at Leadville. 

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Goucher announced on Monday that she will be trying something new this June. She said in a race preview, “I started running when I was six and I loved it right away. I loved being outside, being in the woods and having my heart feel like it was going to beat out of my chest. Now that the days of trying to make Olympic teams are past me, I kind of want to go back to what got me into running in the first place.”


Goucher ran the Houston Marathon in January and had a tough time. After a much anticipated return to the roads, the Olympian didn’t finish the race as a result of an old injury flare up. She posted to Twitter after the event, “After 16 miles of loving every second and feeling confident I was going to run in the mid to high 2:30s, I started to feel an old hamstring injury from 2015. I told myself it was in my mind but 2.5 miles later I had trouble putting weight on it.” After heartbreak in Houston, the runner is excited to get back to her running roots and try out the trail. The Leadville Trail Marathon runs June 15, 2019.