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VIDEO: Kilian Jornet, back from Everest, goes for a run on a “normal-sized” mountain

Accomplished ultrarunner Kilian Jornet filmed a recent mountain training run in Norway days after returning from Mount Everest.

Kilian Jornet

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t have a BASE parachute with me ?? A long way down home ?

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Fresh off a trip to the base camp of Mount Everest, Spanish ultrarunner Kilian Jornet wasted no time in returning to the mountains for an adventurous run.

The 28-year-old filmed a recent mountain run in Norway and gave fans a first-hand experience of his thrilling adventure along a narrow trail on the side of Store Venjetinden. The Spaniard is one of the world’s top long-distance runners and holds the fastest-known ascent and descent times of some of the world’s toughest climbs including Mont Blanc.

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Jornet returned from Everest and abandoned his attempt to set a new climbing record on the world’s highest mountain because of poor conditions. In the latest featured video, he says that he has returned to “normal-sized mountains” and admits that it’s colder in Norway than it was in the Himalayas. Jornet says running on Store Venjetinden in Norway is one of his favourite trails.

He also says the trail is “pretty narrow.” See for yourself in the below video, which may get your heart racing with the steep drop-offs and speed at which he descends.


According to Jornet’s Strava account, the 28-year-old climbed more than 530m during one of the kilometres and descended 514m during a later 1K segment. He climbed more than 2,000m throughout the run.

Jornet replied to a comment on the Facebook video saying that he filmed the run with a GoPro. Instead of mounting the camera on his head or across his chest, the ultrarunner opted to hold the GoPro in his mouth and film the rather treacherous route.

One user on Facebook commented saying “Even mountain goats are looking at this trail going ‘nope, can’t do that.'”

Jornet was nearing an attempt on the Mount Everest speed record for ascent and descent as part of his Summits of My Life challenge. The project is a four-year journey where Jornet travels to mountain ranges around the world in attempts to set fastest known times of specific routes.