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Kilian Jornet breaks from parenting while breaking another course record

Kilian Jornet and Judith Wyder round out the last of the Golden Trail World Series races with course records at the Annapurna Trail Marathon

Spanish mountain runner Kilian Jornet just raced in the Himalayas–but it wasn’t up Mount Everest. The new dad took some time away from parenting life, and on October 26 won the 14th annual Annapurna Trail Marathon in Pokhara, Nepal. The final event of the Golden Trail World Series, the 42K race gains over 3,500 metres in elevation. Jornet set a new course record in 4:45:05 alongside Judith Wyder in 5:42:03.

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Jornet limited his 2019 racing calendar as a new parent, however, he prioritized the Golden Trail World Series and dominated. He raced four out of the seven in the series this year including Zegama, Sierre Zinal, and Pikes Peak. Despite rumours about his plans to return to Everest, Jornet’s success at the 2019 Golden Trail Series is loud and clear.

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Enjoying the solitude. @gopro . This moments of isolation are the most precious I take from climbing big mountains. I’m a fan of Steve House (and D.O.A) quote “Talk Minus Action Equals Zero”, and I believe an activity communication should be done when it have happened and not before, here my thoughts about not to communicate on ongoing and future mountaineering projects: 1. to not put extra pressure at me. That could lead me to take a bad decision at some point, taking extra risk or keep pushing when isn’t safe anymore. That’s a pressure I love when racing but I will never forgive myself if I die because I had people “watching” me in some 4 and I want to have the freedom of decision taking with no extra pressure in this terrain. Here it enters also the Track living: I believe is a great tool for some projects, I had been using from my Pyrenees and Corsica crossing to the Bob Graham Round, in interesting projects in mountain I differ , I believe is great for non-risky projects but if the project inself carries a certain risk I preffer to have only one for my family, to not have the situation to some strange expeculating or confirming my death to someone I care for. . 2. When I climb mountains I’m looking for some sort of connection between myself and the mountains. Far from other people and society and the racing world and experience, but something intimate. Announcing a project could lead to have people watching, cheering (on place or virtually ) and would completely break this intimacy I’m looking for while preparing and trying an idea. . 3. Being sincere and egoistic, the least important but also real, when I have an idea I know that the possibility of success is less than 50%, so I need to do some reco’s and tries before have real chances. In most cases nobody notices because is a hidden couloir in Norway or a long ridgeline in the Alps but permits are public in some places. Some ideas ( lines to ski, styles and strategies, connections…) take some time to observe, figure-it out, find conditions and do homework before trying, so I want to keep for me until I can see if I can really do-it before to give the idea to someone to try.

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The Annapurna Trail Marathon is Nepal’s original ultra trail race. It commences with a 2,000 metre climb and traverses technical terrain through ridges and Nepalese mountain villages. Runners receive a red tikka on their forehead at 15K and a silky khata around their neck.

Davide Magnini from Italy and Sitian Angermund-Vik from Norway rounded out the men’s podium in second and third. Silvia Rampazzo from Italy placed second and Meg Mackenzie from South Africa third. Canadians Bryan Crane and Jean-Francois Aubin placed 54th and 87th.

The 2020 Golden Trail World Series will commence in June, kicking off with the Zegama-Aizkorri race in Spain (which Jornet has won nine times). It also includes Marathon du Mont-Blanc, Dolomyths Run Skyrace, Sierre-Zinal, Pikes Peak, King of Steall Skyrace, and the Annapurna Trail marathon.

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