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Ultrarunner Kilian Jornet to chase Mount Everest speed record

Accomplished ultrarunner Kilian Jornet says that he wants to break the Mount Everest speed record in an attempt this month.

Kilian Jornet

One of the most accomplished mountain and trail runners is expected to take on the world’s highest mountain.

Spain’s Kilian Jornet will attempt to climb Mount Everest, if conditions are right, in the final challenge of his “Summits of my Life,” which has included record-breaking climbs on Mont Blanc, Cervino, Denali and the Aconcagua. The 28-year-old long-distance runner plans to complete the ascent in a single attempt without stopping at camps.

According to a July 28 post, Jornet will not be carrying oxygen or ropes in order to minimize gear that he has to carry up the 8,848m mountain. In the same post, he recognized that if conditions are not ideal, he will not be able to ascend the mountain.

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“We’ll have to see how our body reacts at altitude,” he said. “This expedition will be, above all, a learning exercise because we know there’s a long road ahead. Preparation is key, but we will also need to be patient to learn about these great mountains.”

Jornet will depart from the Rongbuk monastery in Tibet and travel approximately 30K to the north base camp at 6,500m. The Spanish runner will be taking a northern route up the mountain, a route less travelled by those looking to ascend the Himalayan peak, which will reduce traffic. He will then return to his departure location.

The crew left Europe on Aug. 7 and the Himalayan trip is expected to be eight weeks. Jornet and his small crew spent time at altitude in the Alps before travelling to Asia. Jornet did not mention the time he needed to beat on his blog or in the pre-attempt interviews.

Jornet’s packing list for the Mount Everest climb

Time to pack my luggage for #SoMLEverest…can you help me with this? 😉 @salomon

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Jornet chats about the attempt

Jornet’s thoughts on being at 8,000m

According to a recent Twitter update, Jornet was recently in Tingri before making his way to the monastery, his final destination before the record attempt begins. Jornet has never experienced altitudes of 8,000m and above and is in the area to help acclimatize.

Jornet will be joined by Jordi Tosas, an alpine climber, in addition to cameramen and guides Sébastien Montaz-Rosset and Vivian Bruchez.

The mountain runner originally wanted to attempt the record in 2015 but had to cancel after an earthquake hit the nation.