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Krar wins 2018 Leadville Trail 100

Krar returns to Leadville 100 for his second win and a sub-16 finish


The legendary Rob Krar of Flagstaff, Arizona (originally from Hamilton, Ont.), has won yesterday’s Leadville 100, the 100-mile ultra in the Colorado Rockies. His time was 15:51:57. Krar is only the second person to have run the course in under 16 hours. Ryan Kaiser of Bend, Oregon was second, in 17:37:23, and Seth Kelly of Golden, Colorado was third, in 18:15:29.

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Started in 1983, the Leadville 100 is a 161K trail race through the Colorado Rockies, hitting 3840-metre peaks, earning it the nickname “the race across the sky.” In 2014, Krar ran Western States, Leadville and Run Rabbit Run in the span of just 11 weeks. He won all three. Krar came within 30 minutes of setting the course record with his 2014 win, finishing in 16:09:32.


Katie Arnold of Santa Fe won the women’s race, in 19:53:40. It was her first 100-miler. Addie Bracy of Longmount, Colo. was second, in 21:17:12, and Gina Slaby of Seabeck, Washington was third, in 23:13:03.

Arnold is a writer, editor and mother of two who vacations on Ontario’s Stony Lake and loves Kawartha Dairy ice cream. She writes the Raising Rippers column for Outside magazine.