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Could Lazarus Lake really be planning a cross-country trek?

Barkley Marathons
Race director Gary “Laz” Cantrell waits for runners. Photo: Michael Doyle / Canadian Running Magazine.
Could the mastermind behind the infamous Barkley Marathons have a cross-country run in his future? 

Lazarus Lake is easily one of the kookiest characters in the running world in general and the trail world specifically. That’s a fact that’s hard to debate: the Barkley Marathons is probably the weirdest race in the world, this race director kicks off his race by lighting a cigarette, it doesn’t have a set time, the checkpoints are a series of book pages, oh and he goes by “Lazarus Lake” (real name: Gary Cantrell). 

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These days, Gary Robbins – Canada’s favourite Barkley participant – is making his rounds with runner and filmmaker Ethan Newberry as they tour to cities in Canada and the U.S. to show their new documentary: Where Dreams Go To Die. 

The movie is about Robbins’ two attempts to finish the Barkley. The race in the Tennessee wilderness is exciting enough on its own but during the Q & A at their Toronto screening, Robbins and Newberry told the audience that Cantrell has something else up his sleeve: he’s apparently planning a trek across the U.S. They did not specify a known date, but they did say that this character of a race director told them that doing a cross-country trip was a goal he wanted to complete in his life. 

So far, we haven’t heard any other details on the potential trip, we’re just hoping he enlists past Barkley participants as pacers.