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Canadian lowers course record by 67 minutes in Illinois 100-mile win

Winnipeg's Mallory Richard handily wins the Hennepin Hundred and breaks 16:30 for 100 miles

Canada’s top finisher at the 2017 Western States 100 continued her breakout campaign lowering a course record by more than an hour on Saturday.

Winnipeg’s Mallory Richard won the Hennepin Hundred, a 100-mile mostly-trail race, in 16:28:14, breaking the previous women’s record of 17:35:16, and winning by more than 2.5 hours. The Hennepin Hundred takes place in Sterling, Ill, located two hours west of Chicago. Richard, 32, finished third overall in the race that was won outright in 15:47:19. (Richard’s time averages out to 6:08 per kilometre for 161K.)

According to the Hennepin Hundred, the course is comprised mainly of “dirt or crushed limestone, with a scattering of areas that have been paved.” It’s known as a course where a 100-mile personal best can be set.

Earlier this year, Richard finished 11th at the Western States 100, one of the most prestigious ultramarathons in the world. According to Ultra Signup, it was her third U.S. victory of 2017 including the Ice Age Trail 50-Miler and the Extreme North Dakota Sandhills Ultra 50K.