Welcome to our video series on trail running done in partnership with MEC. 

There’s no better time to focus on trail running than in summer and early fall. When trails weave through full-bloom wooded areas, runners get a chance to take advantage of the season and the outdoor scenery. To start our video series, we bring you episode one: an introduction to some of the basics of the sport. 

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Our Race Guide editor, Dan Way, was joined by Nat Korol, Salomon ambassador and trail runner. Together, they took us on a run in Toronto’s Don Valley which has over 50 kilometres worth of trails to offer runners in the area. As Korol points out, there are several rewards to taking to this type of running. It bumps up overall body fitness more so than other fitness activities, it comes with a welcoming trail community and for those used to the roads, the surface is much softer and kinder on joints. 

A few words of advice: keep the gear, shoes and hydration on point to set yourself up for future success. If you’re coming to the trailhead looking to mix things up, know that the focus should be more on effort, less on the watch and that inviting others to join plays a role in safety as well as keeping things social. 

As Way notes, stay tuned as this is an ongoing series this summer. Next, we visit a MEC store to show you how to properly gear up for the trails.

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