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MEC trail video series: Planning and executing an all-day trail running adventure

We catch up with Chris Chapman of MEC Ottawa who outlines how to plan and prepare for an all-day or multi-day trail adventure

This is the fourth MEC trail video in an ongoing series in partnership with MEC. In it, we chat with Chris Chapman, the event coordinator at MEC Ottawa and an avid trail runner. We discuss considerations, tips and practical suggestions to help plan, prepare and execute an all-day or multi-day trail running adventure.

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When planning any trail running excursion–but especially one lasting multiple hours or even days–having the proper gear and equipment is an important part of success, safety and enjoyment. There are a number of essential as well as some optional things you should consider having with you when debarking on a longer trail run or race and we outline them and discuss their potential value.

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Additional considerations should also be made to when and where you trail run including the type of terrain you cover, the difficulty of the trails, how far you go, and how long you’ll be out running. How to properly fuel and hydrate and adapting to changing climate conditions are also discussed as are tips for staying safe and respecting the environment you’re running in.

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Stay tuned for the fifth and final episode in which we cover training and running a trail race.