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Muskoka’s Limberlost Challenge enjoys picture-perfect conditions for 2018

Trail race in Ontario's cottage country a great way to see the Canadian Shield up close

Conditions were perfect yesterday for some 600 runners enjoyed the recent break from humidity at the Limberlost Challenge on Saturday, a trail race and ultra in Ontario’s scenic Muskoka district on the privately owned Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve. Located halfway between Huntsville and Dwight in cottage country, the race is a 14K loop that skirts Solitaire Lake, Buck Lake and several smaller lakes and wetlands, with spectacular views of the Canadian Shield topography. Runners can opt for 14K (one loop), 28K (two loops) or 56K (four loops) distances.

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The weather had been dry for several days, and the fast conditions led to fallen records on the course.

This is a grassroots kind of race, with no major sponsors. Participants can camp right near the start/finish line, and can cool off in Clear Lake right after the race, gear and all–plus they get to enjoy a full homecooked lunch. 


14K Women

  1. Christina Sutcliffe of Ottawa, Ont. (1:16:56)
  2. Shareen Roxborough of Peterborough, Ont. (1:19:46)
  3. Anne Murphy of Deep River, Ont. (1:20:52)

14K Men

  1. Craig Fettes of Ottawa, Ont. (1:03:54)
  2. Derek Milroy of Kitchener, Ont. (1:08:37)
  3. Nathan Johnstone of Huntsville, Ont. (1:11:23)

28K Women

  1. Jennifer Faraone of Toronto, Ont. (2:39:18)
  2. Lisa Leskien of Cambridge, Ont. (2:49:38)
  3. Andrea LaMantia of Barrie, Ont. (2:51:23)

28K Men

  1. Toms Black of Toronto, Ont. (2:21:02)
  2. Ian Kinsella of Toronto, Ont. (2:21:40)
  3. Riley Johnson of Ottawa, Ont. (2:25:54)

56K Women

  1. Isabelle Sauve of Corbeil, Ont. (6:23:59)
  2. Neela D’Souza of Pickering, Ont. (6:38:07)
  3. Rebecca Tait of Scarborouh, Ont. (7:09:24)

56K Men

  1. Kip Arlidge of Huntsville, Ont. (4:56:32)
  2. Jordan Bierema of Hamilton, Ont. (5:06:51)
  3. William Walsh of Toronto, Ont. (5:17:29)