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Netflix and rest: 10 ideas for your next rest day

The Instagram account for all of your rest day needs

Rest days are essential in the training process. Although many trail runners look forward to their rest day, the day can also feel out of place in a structured and intense training plan. Many of us are habituated to our training regimes, and throwing a rest day in the mix can feel confusing. However, our systems need to adapt to our hard training, which means resting even harder. The Instagram account @RestDayBrags created by endurance athletes Jonathan Levitt, Amelia Boone, and Caroline Burckle, reminds us how to rest right. Rest days aren’t always easy, but here are 10 ideas to make the next one count: 

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1. Act like a dog

Dogs know how to play hard and rest harder. For the most authentic rest day advice, look at what your dog is doing.

2. Use a baguette or a pizza to work on upper body strength 

Just kidding. Strength training is not a rest day.


3. Float in a donut

Bonus resting points if you’re eating one at the same time.

4. Burgers

Nothing says rest day like a giant burger bigger than your face. 

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5. Burger and bath combo

Rest day is only one day–keep things efficient.

6. Tandem kitchen stretching

7. Netflix

If you’re resting right, Netflix will ask if you’re still watching because you haven’t moved in hours. 

8. Cake

It’s like a burrito, except with more sugar. #Eatingistraining

9. Beer

When in doubt, stick to the letter B: beer, burgers, and baths. 

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10. Opt inside