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Nick Elson sets new FKT on Half Dome

BC trail runner adds to his considerable string of accomplishments in trail and mountain running

Dean Potter Half Dome Route


One of Canada’s most accomplished trail runners with a string of FKT’s to his name, Nick Elson, 34, has added another: Yosemite’s Half Dome, last conquered by the late Dean Potter in 2015.

Nick Elson
Nick Elson

Potter famously scaled Half Dome in 2:17:52 in a combination of climbing and running. Elson followed Potter’s descent route in both directions (involving a combination of the hiking trail and the route known as Snake Dike), resulting in the “fastest non-technical route” and an impressive new FKT of 2:03:52.

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Elson’s Instagram story tells it all–except, as fellow trail runner Gary Robbins pointed out in a tweet, the sheer athleticism it took to pull it off. 


Ten days after Potter set the 2015 record, he and friend Graham Hunt were killed in a wingsuit accident, also in Yosemite.