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Podium party for fast Canadians at Javelina Jundred

Canadians Mallory Richard and Ryan Shephard podium against tough competition at the 17th annual Javelina Jundred 100 mile endurance run

The 17th annual ultrarunning Halloween party happened over the weekend in Arizona at Javelina Jundred. Canadians partied hard in the desert, earning podiums against tough competition. The 100 mile endurance run course includes five 22.3 mile (36K) loops from Javelina Jeadquarters over rolling and runnable terrain. Mallory Richard and Ryan Shephard earned their spot on the podium against some of the speediest ultrarunners in North America.

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Women’s 100 mile podium

The top three women ran some of the fastest times ever in the history of the race. Winner and fourth overall Kaci Lickteig ran the second fastest time ever on the course, seven minutes faster than her 2014 winning time. Winnipeg’s Mallory Richard was not far behind both first and second women.


Richard ran to eighth overall in a stacked field. Her time is now the seventh fastest female time ever on the course. Richard came in just behind Camelia Mayfield, who raced to fifth place at the 2019 Western States 100.

Kaci Lickteig – 15:32:35
Camelia Mayfield – 16:08:35
Mallory Richard – 16:43:02

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Men’s 100 mile podium

Patrick Reagan won the race for the third time in a row with, just 10 minutes off his 2017 course record. Abbotsford, BC’s Ryan Shephard placed third after Tyler Green ran the eighth fastest time ever. The husband and father of two won his first 100 mile race at Mountain Lakes 100. Javelina was his second 100 mile race ever. He was so excited after his first loop, he yelled, “That’s what I’m taco-ing about!”


Shephard wore a taco hat for his first lap before the desert heat arrived. The heat was a challenge for Shephard, and he was desperate to stop between the 60-80 mile mark (often known as the dark zone in 100-milers). Shephard was so excited about his podium result he decided to get his first tattoo right after.

Patrick Reagan – 13:11:48
Tyler Green – 14:02:41
Ryan Sephard – 15:28:35


Canadian Ricardo Tortini explains, “I was ready to drop at mile 50,”  but he pushed through the lows and got his ticket. Randal Vandertuin, Hannah Perry, Scott Goodyear, Brad Whitson, Sherman Lam, Melanie Boultbee, Julian Brezden, Barron Reichert, Andra Lefebvre, Nadia Clarke Cordick, Francesco Riccadonna, Chris Veska, Courtney Pepper, Victoria Speirs, Genevieve Arnaud, and Carolin Botterill also came from Canada to cross the finish line and earn their belt buckle and Western States Golden Tickets.

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