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Practical gifts for trail runners

Gift a gift with purpose. This holiday cheat sheet is sure to impress that trail runner in your life.

So, your Secret Santa is a trail runner, and you have no idea what to get them. From bacon to fancy gear, we have you covered. Consider this your holiday cheat sheet to impress that trail runner in your life. Whether it’s a small gesture, stocking stuffer, or something fancy for the trails – these thoughtful, yet practical gifts are perfect for any trail runner. Pick your price point, and give a gift with purpose.

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1. Stance socks

Price: $20-$35 Purpose: This trendy yet practical sock company will make your runner feel unique, as their motto is “the uncommon thread.” Choose from dozens of designs from Tupac to Space Jam. Plus, putting them on makes you feel like the next Tony Krupicka.

2. Race registration 

Price: $70-$300 Purpose: The trail runner in your life keeps talking about this race and you want to help them achieve their goals. Be a part of the excitement and take the initiative to register on their behalf. We recommend The Golden Ultra or the Bromont Ultra. 

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3. Petzl Bindi Headlamp

Price: $78 Purpose: Once they are registered for their next race, that runner will need to train through the winter. The Petzl Bindi packs 200 lumens into a lightweight and durable headlamp, which is perfect for both a dark commute home and an all day mountain adventure.

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 4. Bacon or beer

Price: $5-20 Purpose: Non vegan trail runners love bacon. And the rest also love beer. Ultrarunner Tara Berry races with homemade bacon packed in tinfoil. Tara says, “it always tastes good, no matter what.”

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Photo: Casey DeViese

5. Arc’teryx Norvan Jacket

Price: $400 Purpose: This jacket is known as the unicorn of outdoor apparel. The unique breathable Gore-Tex shell almost became extinct a few years ago. The jacket is back in production and will keep trail runners dry, warm, and happy on soggy days. 

Running Gifts
Photo: Arc’teryx

6. Lacrosse ball

Price: $5 Purpose: It’s not how hard you train, it’s how hard you recover. The lacrosse ball is the gift that keeps on giving, and will help the runner in your life dig deep into sore muscles. It may not look fancy, but real trail runners rarely leave the house without it. 

7. Yaktrax Run

Price: $50 Purpose: So the avid trail runner in your life can run through all kinds of ice, sleet, and snow without becoming a liability. 

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YakTrax Run

8. Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z trekking poles

Price: $162 Purpose: That trail runner just got into UTMB and needs to start training on steep and technical trails.

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Black Diamond Distance Carbon FLZ

9. Plan an adventure

Price: $0 – infinity Purpose: They key to a trail runner’s heart is a new route to explore. Plan the logistics on a local trail, or an adventure away from home. 

Dolomiti Extreme Trail
Photo: Dolomiti Extreme Trail