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REVIEW: the 100-mile bra

The Brooks Rebound Racer is the bra that can support for hundreds of miles without chafing

When your go-to running bra is discontinued, it can feel like an emergency. When this happened to our bra tester, she felt like she was starting her bra hunt from scratch. Serendipitously, she came across the Brooks Rebound Racer. Pleasantly surprised by a price tag of $50, she decided to test it while training for a hundred mile race.

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Photo: Cory Jennermann

Finding the right running bra is not only essential, it can be as rare as finding a unicorn at the end of the rainbow. On average, breasts move approximately 10cm in each direction when we run. Multiply that by hundreds of kilometres, and the right bra will make your running experience either incredible or disastrous. If our chest is uncomfortable, it can influence our stride and gait, which can lead to injury. A bra that optimizes support, fit, and comfort changes the way you train and race. The Brooks Rebound Racer comfortably supports runners for hundreds of kilometres, and here’s why:  


Although describing a bra as supportive is subjective, Brooks classifies the Rebound Racer as high impact for support. Our busty tester also felt highly supported for all kinds of training in the Rebound Racer. The bra uses compressive molded cups versus underwire and/or removable pads for support. Surprisingly, the molded cups keep breasts secure, without unnecessary additional fabric. 

The ratio of polyester and spandex also help support the girls. The body of the bra has 80 per cent polyester and 20 per cent spandex, while the cups have 93 per cent polyester to seven per cent spandex. The limited stretch in the cups not only maintains the shape of the bra, it keeps the girls locked in. 


The bra is sold 30B to 40E. Every body is different, however our tester felt that the Brooks sizing reflected her size in a regular underwire bra. The Rebound Racer has adjustable velcro shoulder straps and three options for back clasps. Even though it clasps at the back, you put the bra on over your head, then can easily reach around to secure. (And though some might balk at a bra that goes on over your head and does up in the back, the payoff is excellent fit, comfort and support.) The limited stretch of the material means you stay in place while the bra maintains its shape through hundreds of washes.

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The limited stretchability does not sacrifice comfort of the bra. It is comfortable and breathable in both summer and winter temperatures. Even the most profuse sweater will find that chafing is minimized with this bra. Brooks’ DriLayer sweat-wicking fabric and mesh ventilation helps wick away sweat from the chest (if you’re a heavy sweater especially in the chest, the DriLayer technology may save your life). 

After one run, the tester had some chafing on her back where the clasp is. This was minimal in comparison to chafing in other bras over the years. A dab of lube took care of that. For her hundred-mile race, the tester wore a pack for over twenty-five hours on both technical and runnable trails. Even with a pack over the back clasp, the runner had zero chafing. And even though the bra is not seamless, our tester found no chafing at the seams.   

Photo: Ely Gerbin


For many runners, you can’t put a price on a supportive, comfortable, and chafe-free bra. At $50, the Rebound Racer is affordable, considering you are wearing it as often as your running shoes. Even if you’re not running one hundred miles at a time, you can be confident that this bra will go the distance with you and support your needs.  

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