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Rocky Raccoon 100 winner ran debut fuelled on Pop-Tarts

Maria Sylte of Houston won her debut 100-miler in Texas on the weekend

Maria Sylte, 28, of Houston, Texas was the first woman to finish the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile trail race in Huntsville, Texas over the weekend, in 19:19:58. Her friend tweeted that this was Sylte’s first 100-miler, and that she fuelled with Pop-Tarts (possibly inspired by Amelia Boone, who dominated the obstacle course racing scene before embracing trail running, and whose fondness for Pop-Tarts is legendary).

Rocky Raccoon is the oldest 100-miler in Texas, starting in 1993 with 29 finishers. This year’s event had 209 finishers in the 100 miles and 75 finishers in the 100K. The 100 miles is a Western States qualifier. Huntsville is about 100K north of Houston.


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Julija Soryte, 34, of Portland, Oregon finished second in the 100 miles, in 20:56:55, and Jessica Hardy, 36, of Dana Point, California, was third, in 21:48:43.

Among the men, David Laney, 30, of Portland, Oregon was first overall, in 14:03:17. Catlow Shipek, 40, of Tucson, Arizona was second, in 15:04:42, and Wade Barrett, 42, of Houston, Texas, was third, in 17:09:06.


In the 100K race, Katie O’Donnell, 33, of Nashville, Tennessee was the first woman to finish and third overall, in 11:40:50. Honeylynne Pascual, 31, of Houston, Texas was second, in 12:35:04, and Kimberly Palacios, 32, of Beaumont, Texas, was third, in 13:37:33.


Among the men in the 100K, James McCowan, 41, of Gardiner, New York was first overall, in 9:34:06. Brandon Haney, 34, of Waco, Texas, was second, in 10:56:39, and Jon-o Miller, 28, of Ardmore, Penn., was third male (and fourth overall), in 11:44:53.