Maria Sylte, 28, of Houston, Texas was the first woman to finish the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile trail race in Huntsville, Texas over the weekend, in 19:19:58. Her friend tweeted that this was Sylte’s first 100-miler, and that she fuelled with Pop-Tarts (possibly inspired by Amelia Boone, who dominated the obstacle course racing scene before embracing trail running, and whose fondness for Pop-Tarts is legendary).

Rocky Raccoon is the oldest 100-miler in Texas, starting in 1993 with 29 finishers. This year’s event had 209 finishers in the 100 miles and 75 finishers in the 100K. The 100 miles is a Western States qualifier. Huntsville is about 100K north of Houston.


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Julija Soryte, 34, of Portland, Oregon finished second in the 100 miles, in 20:56:55, and Jessica Hardy, 36, of Dana Point, California, was third, in 21:48:43.

Among the men, David Laney, 30, of Portland, Oregon was first overall, in 14:03:17. Catlow Shipek, 40, of Tucson, Arizona was second, in 15:04:42, and Wade Barrett, 42, of Houston, Texas, was third, in 17:09:06.

In the 100K race, Katie O’Donnell, 33, of Nashville, Tennessee was the first woman to finish and third overall, in 11:40:50. Honeylynne Pascual, 31, of Houston, Texas was second, in 12:35:04, and Kimberly Palacios, 32, of Beaumont, Texas, was third, in 13:37:33.

Among the men in the 100K, James McCowan, 41, of Gardiner, New York was first overall, in 9:34:06. Brandon Haney, 34, of Waco, Texas, was second, in 10:56:39, and Jon-o Miller, 28, of Ardmore, Penn., was third male (and fourth overall), in 11:44:53.


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