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Scottish race looks to become world’s most expensive run

Ultra races are back, but at an eye-popping price

Have you started planning your race schedule for 2022 yet? We hope you don’t have anything planned on the weekend of April 25 to 29. A group of Scottish race directors have come together to organize the Highland King Ultra, where you can race like a warrior and recover like royalty. This race covers 193 kilometres of the most rugged, yet scenic terrain on Scotland’s west coast. The course was designed by ex-Scottish Special Forces and it is truly the first of its kind. What’s the catch, you might ask? It costs £15,499 per person to enter ($27,000 CDN). 


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This registration fee makes the Highland King Ultra the most expensive single-race on planet earth. The previous record was held by the Antarctic Ice Run (100 km) which costs $18,900 CDN, including your travel, food and accommodation. 

What does your race entry fee cover? A seven-month tailored training program leading up to the race – each participant will have personal coaching from ultrarunning world champion Jonathan Albon and British ultrarunner Anna-Marie Watson (who also served in the British army for nine years). Don’t worry, you will spend each night in a Scottish castle and receive a Garmin Marq – the world’s best endurance sports wearable – after registration. 


Race organizers stated on the website that, “This race is aimed at professionals who can afford it, who want to be pioneers in this unique challenge.” And just in case you were wondering – no, there is no early-bird discount.

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