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Ski mountaineer wins very hot Marathon du Mont-Blanc

Racers dealt with extreme temperatures in heatwave-ravaged France

Though much of the ultra-trail world’s attention was focussed on Western States this weekend, there were other results to celebrate also, notably the Marathon du Mont-Blanc in Chamonix, France.

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Ruth Croft of New Zealand won her second title in a row, taking three minutes off her time from last year, in 4:34:44. (Croft finished second at the recent Trail World Championships in Portugal on June 8.) Silvia Rampazzo of Italy was second, and Norway’s Eli Anne Dvergsdal was third.


Ski mountaineer Davide Magnini of Italy won the men’s race in 3:47:13, in his first marathon-distance race, and seven minutes faster than Kilian Jornet’s winning time from 2018. Magnini is only 21. Nadir Maguet, also of Italy, was second and Bartlomeij Przedwojewski of Poland was third.


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Sarah Bergeron-Larouche had the top Canadian result in the women’s race, finishing 19th in 5:18:01. Coleen Little finished 94th, Antonia Gawel 130th, Jocelyne Blanchard 211th, and Chessa Adsit-Morriss was forced to drop due to stomach issues.


Canadian Joel Desgreniers finished 71st, in 5:16:50, Jeff Gardner was 332nd, Gabriel Emond 361st, Gavin Harmacy 1,171st, Sterling Arndt 1,187th, Bruno and Philippe Hebert finished together in 1,319th and Quan-Ling Sim was 1,617th.

Racers battled the extreme heat that’s enveloped much of Europe. CNN reported France experienced record high temperatures into the 40s C on Friday.

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