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Squamish 50 results: day one

What happened Saturday at the Squamish 50-mile race

The Squamish 50 is becoming one of the biggest ultramarathon races in the country. This weekend marked the eighth annual Squamish 50 event, featuring a 50-mile, 50K, 50/50, 23K, and kid’s race. Saturday saw the 50-mile race and day one of the 50/50 (50-mile and 50K combined event). 418 runners started the 50-mile race, and everyone on the start line has a story worth sharing. But for now, here are the top results of Saturday’s 50-mile festival.

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Hazlett with 11K to go. Photo: Katie Mills

50-mile women

Last year, Courtney Dauwalter set a new course record in 8:22:15, followed by 2018 trail runner of the year Darbykai Standrick in 8:45:22, and the unstoppable Kathryn Drew in 9:03:40.

Despite cooler temperatures this weekend, no course records were broken. Still, the heat was on for the 2019 50-mile, with Jeanelle Hazlett taking the lead for most of the day and winning her first 50-mile finish. Veterans Catrin Jones and Joelle Vaught seemed to be on Hazlett’s tail until 50/50 racer Jenny Quilty started doing what she does best after the halfway mark. Jones had a disappointing fall at 18K, yet managed to still hobble her way to a podium finish.

Joelle Vaught smiling at 53K of the 80K race. Photo: Katie Mills

1. Jeanelle Hazlett – 9:13:46
2. Jenny Quilty – 9:28:15
3. Catrin Jones – 9:33:54
4. Joelle Vaught – 9:56:32
5. Abi Moore – 10:17:27

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Women’s podium from left: Jones, Hazlett, and Quilty. Photo: Katie Mills

50-mile men

Dakota Jones set the 50-mile men’s record in 2016 in 7:31:09, and even after Saturday’s fight, his record still stands. Chris Mocko toed the 50-mile line, less than two months after his 12th-place finish at Western States. Mocko led for the day while local Nick Elson worked to gradually close the gap–showcasing his experience with the Squamish 50 course. The chase lasted all day, and at 2K left, Elson was just 30 seconds behind Mocko. Local Shaun Stephens-Whale fought hard to snag the final podium spot in his first 50-mile race.

Elson being a boss at 53K into the 80K race

1. Chris Mocko – 7:39:32
2. Nick Elson – 7:40:43
3. Shaun Stephens-Whale – 8:13:40
4. Brandon Gardiner – 8:19:40
5. Samuel Dickie – 8:37:05

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