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Squamish 50 results day two: records, tears, and ultra-moms

Learn what happened at the Squamish 50K, 23K, and 50/50 yesterday

This past weekend, Squamish was the place to be–even for the most introverted trail runner. Saturday was the 50-mile and kid’s races, while Sunday saw the 50K, 23K, and finish of the 50/50 event. The weekend was full of ideal weather conditions, records, tears, and ice cream. Events like the Squamish 50 are more than just results. But for now, here is a synopsis.

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50K women’s podium. From left: Tara Holland, Hailey Van Dyk, and Jenny Quilty

23K race

Anne-Marie Madden is back from her fellowship in California, and celebrated by winning the 23K for a seventh year in a row. She didn’t take her course record, but the top three women raced hard and fast. Just a month after winning the Knee Knacker 48K race in North Vancouver, Aisling O’Shea snagged the final podium spot.

1. Anne-Marie Madden – 2:00:47 (Fifth overall)
2. Cheryl Pepin – 2:04:13
3. Aisling O’Shea – 2:14:14
4. Maude Cyr – 2:27:53
5. Natasha Lineham – 2:34:39

The men’s race broke records. Alexandre Ricard broke Brendan Hunt’s 2018 course record by 19 seconds.

23K winner Anne-Marie Madden and 50K champ Tara Holland

1. Alexandre Ricard – 1:43:30 (New course record)
2. Patrick Sperling – 1:54:26
3. Mike Murphy – 1:54:40
4. Curtis Jung – 1:57:35
5. Elias Theodosis – 2:09:42

50K race

It was a sea of happy tears at the finish line, as the community watched Tara Holland, Hailey Van Dyk, and Jenny Quilty accomplish their goals. Holland, Van Dyk, and Quilty ran their last long training run together in Squamish a few weeks ago, only imagining the finish line would be so perfect. All three of their mothers were along the course for the entire day crewing and cheering.

Hailey Van Dyk jumping on Gary Robbins after racing to second place. Photo: Katie Mills

1. Tara Holland – 6:15:41
2. Hailey Van Dyk – 6:31:54
3. Jenny Quilty – 6:32:18
4. Brydhi Stark – 6:37:48
5. Esther Kendall – 6:39:09

50K winner Brendan Urlocker and his crewing mom Nancy Hamilton

In the men’s race, Brendan Urlocker led for most of the day until he was overtaken by five men with 16K to go. He decided to practice a new tactic of consuming a gel every time he was passed by another runner. On the downhill coming into the last aid station, he attacked and began making up time. Brendan fought hard for his win, but credits his mom, who crewed and cheered during the race. “I won the race because of her.”

1. Brendan Urlocker – 5:14:53
2. Etienne Robert – 5:21:34
3. Todd Marwick – 5:23:20
4. Guy Polden – 5:24:37
5. Anthony Fagundes – 5:31:18

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The 50/50 race is 50 miles on Saturday and 50K on Sunday–a total of 130K over two days with 5,850 metres of elevation gain. The 2019 50/50 race will no doubt go down in history, as Jenny Quilty smashed professional ultrarunner Kaytlyn Gerbin’s 2016 course record by 40 minutes while taking first place overall. On day one during the 50-mile race, she made it look easy while working her way up to second place. Her strength and smiles continued on day two as she worked her way up for a podium place again.

50/50 record holder Jenny Quilty on day two during the 50K race

1. Jenny Quilty – 16:00:33 (First overall and new course record)
2. Kristen Hansen – 17:52:28
3. Lauren Head – 18:04:29
4. Pargol Lakhan – 20:05:23
5. Barb Tyers – 20:53:58

1. David Myers – 16:24:04
2. Crispin Flowerday – 16:52:50
3. Tianhan Xia – 17:50:31
4. Tomas Pacak – 18:04:58
5. David Kozely – 18:19:10

Singing Happy Birthday to Reed at the finish line with proud parents Linda and Gary Robbins.

Other highlights

Reed Robbins celebrated his fourth birthday on Sunday after racing in the kid’s race the day before with his new watch.

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