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The Delaware Crossing: Mike Wardian covers 130 miles in cross-state run

The ultrarunning champion ran from the Pennsylvania-Delaware border all the way down to Maryland in just over a day

Photo by: Twitter/mikewardian

American ultrarunner Mike Wardian ran the length of the state of Delaware, starting the 130-mile (209-kilometre) route on July 2 and finishing 26 hours later. He began the run in the afternoon, just north of Wilmington, Delaware’s largest city, near the state border with Pennsylvania. He ran in 34 C weather straight through the night and next morning, and 26 hours, 19 minutes and 43 seconds later, he crossed the state’s southern border and ran into Maryland. Wardian always seems to have a mind-boggling challenge on the go, and this state crossing was no different. Over the course of his 26-hour, 130-mile run, Wardian averaged a pace of 7:30 per kilometre — including rest. 

Crossing Delaware

Wardian’s total elapsed time from the start of his run to the finish when he crossed over into Maryland on July 3 was just over 26 hours. He ran the first 100 miles (161 kilometres) in an elapsed time of 20 hours, which works out to 7:27 per-kilometre pace. His moving time was just under 17 hours, with an average pace of 6:17 per kilometre. He slowed in the final fifth of the run, but he still managed to hold 6:44 per kilometre while on the move. 

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Wardian’s result is the fastest known time (FKT) for the Delaware run. He has 13 other official FKTs to his name, nine of which he has set in 2020. In addition to these runs, Wardian has many other accomplishments, including top finishes in races around the world, the inaugural Quarantine Backyard Ultra win and several ultrarunning world records.


Running for charity

Wardian ran the end-to-end route through Delaware to raise money for “those in need” during the pandemic. He started a fundraising event to coincide with his run, called the Do the Delaware 96. Entrants have until July 25 to run 96 miles (which the event website lists as the length of Delaware, although Wardian ran much further) or 35 miles (the width of the state). Registration is still open, and the proceeds will go to three causes: the PTA of Arlington, Va., the Ministry of Caring and the Cape Henlopen Food Basket, both of which are based in Delaware. Anyone interested to participate can sign up here.

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