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The Golden Ultra: blood, sweat, tears and snow

Runners pushed through gnarly weather conditions at the Golden Ultra 2018

Blood, sweat, and tears is the theme of the Golden Ultra 3 day stage race at Kicking Horse Mountain in Golden, B.C.  September 21-23rd marked the fourth year of the event, and race director Magi Scallion states it was the “most challenging event ever with the weather the way it was.”

Unanticipated logistics meant ongoing consultation with the mountain safety team prior to the event. “The snow was certainly a challenge for runners and volunteers alike this year…snowy, cold and icy–we were confident that the hazard was limited and that if anything did happen we could respond quickly and efficiently,” Magi explains, reflecting on a successful weekend.

Runners can register for the full event, half of the distance for all three stages, or choose two of the stages. Talented endurance runners toed the line for all distances this past weekend, including Ailsa Macdonald of Alberta.

“The Blood” (Day 1 – Climb 4.55K; 1073m)

The stage race began with a vertical kilometre. In less than 5K, runners gained 1000m of elevation.

The start of the vertical kilometre on day 1
Photo: Instagram

“The Sweat” (Day 2 – Conquer 57.63K; 2889m)

Runners remained positive in the winter weather conditions.

“The Tears” (Day 3 – Cruise 23.01K; 764m)

There were happy tears of joy for many runners when the sun showed up on the final stage.


What makes The Golden Ultra so successful? “We’ve got the most amazing group of runners that come to Golden to run this event and the crew and volunteers are just outstanding,” says Magi. For full results click here.


Video shows the 3-day stage race female podium: Ailsa Macdonald, Alicia Woodside, and Kelsey Knoll