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The Golden Ultra day 2: Sweat, Conquer, and ultra-mischief

Suspected course vandalism, nudity, and top results from day 2 of the Golden Ultra

Day 2 of the Golden Ultra was full of fun, challenges, and mischief. Runners set out for the new 55K Sweat stage and the 32K Conquer stage, either as part of the 3-day event, or as independent feats. The new “Eat- Run-Sleep” 113K ultra distance debuted, with athletes climbing over 6,000 metres. Suspected course flagging vandalism and naked spectators made it a memorable day for runners and organizers alike.

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Rainbow at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort after Day 1. Photo: Alicia Woodside

Sweat Full Pint stage race

Just 10K into the 55K race, approximately 30 runners near the front went off route, adding 45 to 60 minutes to their race time. Runners well familiar with the course were less affected by the mishap, and called organizers right away. Race organizers responded efficiently, speculating that an alleged vandal had tampered with course markings the night before. Lead runners such as Alicia Woodside made the most of it after going off course, and passed hundreds of runners over additional kilometres. “I was stoked that I got to run bonus miles for free.”

Vandalized flagging wasn’t the only rumour from Saturday’s events. Rumour on the singletrack was that a runner in the Sweat event ran by a naked human during the race. Sources aren’t sure whether he was cheering, or had wandered off from the nude beach nearby.

Kelsey Knoll – 7:31:52
Faye Baldock – 9:03:08
Lisa Auger – 9:10:51


Charles Perrot-Minot – 6:38:21
Liam Harrap – 7:53:46
Nayem Al Salem – 7:59:16

Deanne McDoom flying down singletrack in the 60K Sweat race. Photo: Annie Johansen

Conquer Half Pint stage race

Abi Moore – 4:42:58
Anna Koevoet – 4:44:17
Yvette Ballesteros – 4:54:20

Tom Guiot – 3:44:35
Alyosha Boldt – 4:18:57
Tyson Newell – 4:20:06

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Runners not competing in the 3-day stage race raced in the 55K and 32K events independently.

Sweat race overall

Kelsey Knoll – 6:27:43
Kayla Olde – 7:07:56
Fiona Bradford – 7:10:14

Jan Hruska – 5:35:24
Charles Perrot-Minot – 5:36:59
Craig Logan – 5:51:20

Conquer race overall

Abi Moore – 3:15:46
Anna Koevoet – 3:20:05
Yvette Ballesteros – 3:27:30

Tom Guiot – 2:28:45
David Starr – 2:50:50
Alyosha Boldt – 2:55:47

“Eat – Run – Sleep” 113K race

The 113K runners toed the line with the Sweat runners, and then continued for an extra 58K. The tough race gave finishers five UTMB points.

113K female podium. Photo: Rory O’Connell

Megan Dehaan – 18:58:06
Jessie Thomson-Gladish – 20:29:43
Shauna Connaughton – 20:42:12

Samuel Dickie – 12:37:23
Leif Godberson – 14:08:55
Jed Cochrane – 14:38:52

The Tears and Cruise races are happening Sunday–the third and final day of the Golden Ultra.

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