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The Golden Ultra day 3 results: Tears and Cruise

What happened on the final day of the Golden Ultra 2019

Runners and race organizers continued running on excitement and adrenaline for the final day of the Golden Ultra on Sunday. The third day of racing came with the Tears and Cruise stages, and runners in the stage races fought through feelings of heavy legs and fatigue to set records on new courses. The weather was perfect, with Kootenay sunshine highlighting the autumn leaves on the flowy singletrack.

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Tears Full Pint

Also known as the ‘victory lap,’ the final day for runners in the full 3-day stage race had 20K of singletrack with 370 metres of ascent.

Kelsey Knoll – 1:49:53
Nicki Seaborn – 1:53:31
Alicia Woodside – 1:57:38

Stephen Loden – 1:32:27
Charles Perrot-Minot – 1:33:35
Noah Schneider – 1:38:05

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Cruise Half Pint

The final day for runners in the half 3-day stage race consisted of 10K with 250 metres of elevation gain. Overall winner Tom Guiot smashed every stage, including the final one in the half pint stage race.

Abi Moore – 1:02:54
Kathryn Durell – 1:03:33
Yvette Ballesteros – 1:04:14

Tom Guiot – 49:34
Alyosha Boldt – 55:24
Tyson Newell – 55:51

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