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The Golden Ultra stage race: results you need to know

Results for the full pint, half pint, and new ultra-pint stage races at the 2019 Golden Ultra

The 2019 Golden Ultra was a weekend of rainbows, dinosaur onesies, perfect weather, and endless memories. Many runners challenged themselves to complete either the full pint or half pint 3-day stage races. However, some runners were keen on a challenge that was even bigger than the full pint (vertical kilometre, 55K, and 20K) weekend and created their own stage race at this year’s Golden Ultra. Here are the overall results from the runners who completed the 3-day half and full stage races–and then some.

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Full Pint 3-day stage race

After racing 4.5K with 1,050 metres on Friday, 55K with 3,500 metres on Saturday, and 20K with 370 metres on Sunday, the 3-day stage racers celebrated with champagne showers on the podium. Revelstoke’s Kelsey Knoll raced to second overall in the 3-day full pint stage race.

Kelsey Knoll – 9:17:56 (second overall)
Alicia Woodside – 11:05:15
Nicki Seaborn – 11:06:30

Charles Perrot-Minot – 8:08:08
Liam Harrap – 9:38:03
Nayem Al Salem – 9:42:19

Men’s 3-day stage race podium. Photo: The Golden Ultra

Half Pint 3-day stage race

The half pint stage race may be shorter, but can be just as challenging. The race consists of 3K with 740 metres on Friday, 32K with 1,005 metres on Saturday, and 10K with 250 metres of ascent on Sunday.

Abi Moore – 5:01:18
Anna Koevoet – 5:04:29
Yvette Ballesteros – 5:14:00

Tom Guiot – 3:49:35
Alyosha Boldt – 4:29:47
Tyson Newell – 4:31:23

Moore and Ballesteros on the podium after racing all weekend. Photo: The Golden Ultra

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Ultra Pint 3-day stage race

For Dennesha Ferguson and Richard Lee Yuen, a half or a full pint stage race is just not enough. The two runners decided to challenge themselves even more and race the biggest distances possible on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The runners warmed up on Friday with the 4.5K vertical kilometre race, climbing 1,050 metres. On Saturday, they toed the line for the debut 113K race, gaining over 6,000 metres of elevation. To top if off on Sunday, Ferguson and Yuen partied on the trails, finishing the 20K trail race. Hopefully they are recovering well with an extra full pint of beer.

Beach-themed aid station for the 113K course on Saturday. Photo: The Golden Ultra

With help from the Golden Running Company’s beach-themed aid station at 67K into the 113K race, Ferguson finished the 113K race in 22:54 and Yuen in 24:49. When Yuen was asked why he was doing the largest distance of all three days, he responded, “to see if I can.” Full results of the 2019 Golden Ultra can be found here.

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