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The Sinister Triple finale: Black Spur Ultra results

Find out what happened last weekend at the Black Spur Ultra 54K and 108K races

The Black Spur Ultra at Kimberley Alpine Resort includes a 108K relay, 108K, and 54K solo races with gnarly singletrack, challenging climbs, and scenic views. This year, runners toed the line for the third race in the Sinister Triple series–the Sinister 7 Ultra, Canadian Death Race, and Black Spur Ultra. Black Spur Ultra is a big party, which starts and finishes at the base of the ski hill. People come together and hang out at the transition area to run, cheer, volunteer, eat burgers, drink beer, and listen to music. It was a no pavement party in between the Purcell and Rocky mountains, and here are the results:

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Sunrise at Kimberley Mountain Resort. Photo: Becky Bates

108K Team Results

1. Girls Breaking Trails – 13:52:19
2. Whippin’ & Spurrin’ – 14:30:00
3. On Your Left – 14:43:43
4. Fleet of feet – 14:49:20
5. Flying Moose – 15:16:12

108K Solo Female Results

1. Lisa Whitwell – 15:14:29
2. Alexandra Ostaszewski – 16:35:53
3. Mandy Currie – 16:45:46
4. Wendy Copp – 16:54:41
5. Jacqueline Hill – 17:09:03

Top 3 108K solo men from left: Monty Christie, Scott Cooper, Alex Petrosky. Photo: Becky Bates

Lisa Whitwell not only won the race, she won her first ever 100K. “It was a great weekend, and very well organized. I don’t think I would have done it if it wasn’t for Becky’s encouragement she gave me a few weeks ago,” she says.

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108K Solo Male Results

1. Scott Cooper – 12:02:01
2. Alex Petrosky – 12:13:49
3. Monty Christie – 15:19:12
4. Monty McNeice – 15:35:05
5. Chris Camren – 15:40:09


54K Female Results

1. Lisa Heidt – 6:14:02
2. Ellen Whitman – 6:44:03
3. Andrea Dupont – 6:49:04
4. Gina Tranquada – 6:55:08
5. Mandi Goudie – 7:00:00

54K winner Lisa Heidt. Photo: Becky Bates

54K Male Results

1. Matthew Schneider – 5:17:44
2. James Beer – 5:37:54
3. Jeffrey Paul – 5:50:13
4. James Miles – 5:55:29
5. Dave Neal – 6:06:02

Sinister Triple finishers

Tess Owen
Alexandra Ostaszewski
Scott Cooper
Alex Petrosky
Monty McNeice
Don Pryznyk
Mark St Amant
Wayne Parchem
Brandon Regier
Murray Barker
Phil Troyer
Carl Harvey
Jordan Kirkeby

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