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This runner covers the height of mountains on his back porch

Rory Southworth can't get out for his regular runs in the hills of Britain's Lake District National Park, but that doesn't stop him from running up mountains

When you’re stuck at home, you’re forced to get creative with your training, and that is exactly what Rory Southworth did. Southworth lives in Britain, and he often trains in Lake District National Park, the home to the 214 Wainwright peaks that have obsessed British fell runners for years. Now that Southworth can’t get to the hills, he has taken his training to his backyard, where he still runs the elevation of mountains, but instead of actual peaks, he climbs his stairs.


According to his Instagram page, Southworth is a brand ambassador for Salomon, and he recently updated his bio to say he is a “home athlete,” since he’s popularized at-home training for fellow fell and trail runners. He has dubbed his new training method “stair summits,” and he tweeted that he has seen many other people following his lead.

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A few days ago, Southworth posted that he “ran the height of the National Three Peaks” in his backyard. These peaks are Scafell Pike in England (which is 978 metres high), Ben Nevis in Scotland (1,345 metres) and Snowdon in Wales (1,085 metres), each the tallest in their respective countries. Southworth covered these climbs (which, when done on the actual mountains, is called the National Three Peaks Challenge) in a little more than eight hours over three days.

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