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Three videos that will inspire you to hit the trails this week

"Even all day today, I've been feeling pretty crap but I went for that run and I'm feeling like a million bucks."

In a recent chat on The Shakeout Podcast, editor-in-chief, Michael Doyle, mentioned an Aussie trail-runner of note: Dan Whitehead. Specifically, he gave a shout-out to the runner for his inspirational collection of YouTube videos.

Given that we’re into the summer months (read: prime trail season) we took that recommendation pretty seriously and dug through Whitehead’s videos. We’ve got to give it to the guy: he definitely got us pumped up and motivated to put in some mileage along some tree-lined trails this season. If you too are in need of a little picker-upper, we chose three our favourite videos to give fellow Canadians a little encouragement. Watch any of these before your next run to get excited for your new route. 

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“Even all day today, I’ve been feeling pretty crap but I went for that run and I’m feeling like a million bucks.” You’re not the only one reluctant to get out for the run. Weekend warriors, don’t wait. After watching this, you’ll never dismiss weekday running ever again…

Just in case you were curious as to what other runners pack for the trail races… oh, and note the Ciele hat. 

For those just getting back into their routine, you’re not alone… And if you’re tired, consider this tip: “A good rule when I’m tried and don’t feel like running is to get my gear on, get my shoes on, get out the door and then decide if I’m too tired. Nine times out of ten, you get out, you feel good, and you get the run done.”