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Tor X trail series donates €40,000 to Milan hospital

Italy has taken one of the biggest hits from COVID-19, and the Tor X organizers looked to help out a local hospital

The Tor X race series has pledged all of the proceeds from charity race bib sales to the Sacco Hospital in Milan for a total donation of €40,000. After the initial coronavirus outbreak in China, Italy was hit hard by COVID-19, and they currently sit at over 214,000 cases and almost 30,000 deaths. The donation from Tor X, a series which includes the Tor des Géants, will go a long way in helping the Sacco Hospital as the country continues to work on flattening the curve of COVID-19.

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40k euros from #TORX to the Sacco Hospital in #Milan The Tor des Géants steps up to the plate in the fight against #covid19. Proceeds from the sale of charity race bibs this year have been donated exclusively to the relevant university department of the Sacco Hospital in Milan – a total of 40 thousand euros. “This institute is a reference point for the study and treatment of dangerous infectious diseases that spread quickly,” explains Alessandra Nicoletti, president of VDA Trailers, “and in these recent weeks it has been designated from the start as a reference point for treating the most critical patients suffering from COVID-19.” “We consider it essential to make a material contribution to the efforts already place to combat a pandemic that involves everyone, including us,” she goes on; “that’s why we’ve decided to donate all the proceeds to the Sacco Hospital, which is working on all fronts in the fight against COVID-19, including caring for the sick on a day-to-day basis, studying the virus and carrying out serological tests to come up with an effective vaccine and a cure for the disease as soon as possible". In a letter to VDA Trailers, director general of the institute, Dr. Alessandro Visconti, expressed his “profound gratitude for the financial support donated to cope with the emergency requirements of the COVID-19 epidemic that we’re faced with”. 📸 @bliphotography #tordesgeants #tor2019 #tdg19 #tor30 #tor130 #tordesglaciers #trailrunning #running #runningpassion #loverunning #lovetrailrunning #alps #italianalps #aostavalley #valledaosta #courmayeurmontblanc #courmayeur #mountains #montagne #trail #endurancetrailrunning #endurancetrail #igersvalledaosta #volontor #covid19italia #coronavirus @montaneofficial  @eolo.it  @gruppocva @hokaoneone @elleerre.it @polaritalia GEIE Latte Pellissier @ferrino_official Masters @nbs_new_block_system_ @ricola Acqua Monte Bianco @kratos.sport @nitecoreflashlight

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A giant donation

Italy’s hospitals were overflowing with COVID-19 patients throughout March and April, and the situation got so bad that patients were turned away due to a lack of beds. According to a live case monitor on the New York Times website, Milan has had the most COVID-19 cases of any other city in Italy with over 20,000. The next closest city is Turin with 14,000 cases.

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The Tor X donation, which is over C$60,500, was pledged to the Sacco Hospital in Milan because it was “designated from the start as a reference point for treating the most critical patients suffering from COVID-19,” according to Alessandra Nicoletti, president of VDA Trailers, an outdoor event organizing company associated with Tor X. Researchers at Sacco Hospital have also been studying the coronavirus and working to develop a vaccine, which is another reason for Tor X’s sizeable donation.

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valgrisenche – cogne distance ~ km 49 to km 102 section time ~ 10:10 race time ~17:10 this part of the course is brutal and a favourite, with 3 unrelenting climbs and equivalent descents between 1,200m and 1,600m each, taking 2 – 3 hours up and around 1 hour down. with my new nutrition plan of eating heaps in the valleys and going to liquid nutrition around the peaks this part of the course felt great. i made it to rifugio chalet de l'epee in the light, making it the latest I've ever thrown on the headlamp in my 3 tries, including when the race started 2 hours earlier at 10am in 2017. everything was clicking. the climbs and descents rolled by. i could feel my leg muscles burning a bit more than they should have but thought it's a great way to moderate the pace until they worked out all the lactate build-up or went numb. heading up to 3rd peak, col loson, i continued to beat my time splits but started to have to take breathing breaks near the snowy pass. i didn't think much of these breaks at the time putting it down to the altitude and freezing -10C wind, but this would come back to in a bad way later in the race. coming over col loson was amazing in the snow and clear sky. then the ever bizarre sight of a helicoptered-in sleeping box was just off the pass offering hot tea while housing medics and an emergency team for anyone needing help in the high mountains. 📷 | @jeantetstefano | not taken during this section . . #galenrunracerecaptorx #thetrailtotor #tordesgeants #torx #furtherfaster #teammontane #montaneofficial

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“We consider it essential to make a material contribution to the efforts already place to combat a pandemic that involves everyone,” she said.


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Tor X races

There are four races in the Tor X series, all of which are based in Italy in September. So far, the races are still set to go ahead as planned despite the coronavirus outbreak in Italy. The Tor des Géants, the most well-known of the four events, is 330K with 24,000 metres of elevation gain through the Italian Alps. If it can be run on schedule, it will be held from September 13 to 20.