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Trail dogs of Instagram

20 trail running dogs guaranteed to brighten your day and inspire you to get outside

Dogs don’t care if it’s dark and cold outside. They want to run. If you need some inspiration to head outside, think like a puppy. Learn how to run like an adventure dog and get excited to hit the trails. These 20 trail running dogs on Instagram are sure to brighten your day.  

1. Ivy in the Wild

The Canadian border collie and Australian shepherd mix loves adventuring in all kinds of weather. You can find her exploring the trails, mountains, and alpine lakes of B.C. Even though she just turned two on October 28, she already has quite the running resume.  


2. Mickey Zimmerman 

Mickey is a self-defined super trail dog. He trains and races on the trails with his mom, Maija Zimmerman. Mickey even won his first trail race called the Rocky Dog 5K. 


3. Sadie Fung

Sadie is an adventure rescue pup based in Vancouver, B.C. She follows her mom, Laney Fung, to trails, volcanoes, and waterfalls. Sadie even helped crew her human friends as they circumnavigated Mount Rainier on the Wonderland Trail this past summer. 


4. Trout

The famous Aussie is livin’ and chillin’ in Boulder, Colo. He loves chasing tiny forest animals and keeping up with his mom, Lauren Groth. 


5. Squall

Squall likes outdoor adventures of any kind. Squall runs, hikes and skis with his dad, Andrew Drummond. He has even supported Scott Jurek on the Appalachian Trail.  


6. Ted Terry

Ted is a pure bred trail runner. He even steals trucker hats from his mom, Samantha Terry


7. Fawkes

The Yukon-born, Victoria-raised Aussie dog is always prepared on the trails. At three years old, he is the youngest chief fluff officer for FawkesTrot Adventures. His hobbies include summit selfies and summit snarfs.


8. Dexter 

Dexter just moved to Alaska from Colorado, and enjoys learning new sports with his mountain running mom, Patricia Franco. Dexter trains hard and recovers harder. 


9. Jinx Green

Don’t let his age fool you. At 16 months old, Jinx is your go-to pup for all the Squamish dirt. If he’s not on the trails, you will likely find him recovering by selling gear at Capra trail and mountain running store. 


10. Shirley Bradley 

Shirley is still a puppy, but learns professional trail-running skills from her mom, Cat Bradley. Shirley was ready to celebrate with cuddles after Bradley claimed the FKT (Fastest Known Time) on the 42-mile (68K) Rim to Rim to Rim trail in the Grand Canyon. 


11. Leonidas and Luna

This labrador duo trains for trail races and ultras with their dad, Jeffrey Stern. They embark on active rest days by chasing sticks on the beaches of Santa Barbara. 


12. Atticus Manietta 

Kristian Manietta and Charlotte Paul wanted a dog to run with, and Atticus the Vizsla didn’t disappoint. He has no problem keeping up with the training demands of his parents. Atti is always ready to go outside in Whistler, B.C. 


15. Abby Miles

Abby lives by her last name and runs all the miles with her mom, Madeline Weston Miles. 


16. Jade Henninger

Still a young pup, Jade has recently graduated from shorter distances in low-lying trails to longer distances in the alpine. When she’s not running, she is at the finish line ready to lick the sweat off her mom, Keely Henninger.


17. Daphne Joseph

Despite her short legs, Daphne crushes the trails and mountains. The corgi trains with her ultrarunning mom Lauren Joseph on the east coast.


18. Otto the Adventure Pup

Otto is based in Portland, Oregon, but has explored almost every trail and peak in the Pacific Northwest with his mom, Alex Borsuk. 


19. Addie Roche

Addie recently moved to Boulder, and was so excited she marked her territory on all the trails. She exudes unconditional love for humans, breakfast, and naps. She is a professional fetch monster and recovers with her professional running parents David and Megan Roche. 


20. Bence Olsen

Bence is always ready for summit snacks and salty kisses for his mom, Anna Olsen. You can find the ultrarunning Vizsla on the California trails


Puppies and trails can solve most problems in life. Next time you don’t feel like running–think like a puppy and get outside anyway.