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More than a dozen tough ultrarunners finish Canada’s only 200-miler

The Sulphur Springs Trail Race offered a 320K race, the first of its kind in Canada, with 28 brave runners taking on the challenging distance in southern Ontario

Georg Kunzfeld and Debbie Bulten became the first finishers of Canada’s only 200-mile trail race.

The roughly-320K event, held as part of the Sulphur Springs Trail Race in Ancaster, Ont., began on Thursday with the longest of the seven courses featuring 16 laps of the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. According to the results, 14 runners, made it through all 16 lap within the 72-hour time cutoff and 28 runners began the 200-miler.

The Sulphur Springs Trail Race, one of the biggest hits on the Ontario trail running scene, offered seven race distances, some being solo while other distances came as a part of a relay, including a 100-miler, 100K, which was new for 2017, a 50-miler, 50K, 25K and 10K. The event is particularly popular because it offers an experience suitable for beginners while also offering challenging distances for experienced runners.


Kunzfeld, who is from Frankfurt, Germany, covered the 320K in 51:00:20 while Cambridge, Ont.’s Bulten was on course for 69:51:20. She was the only woman to finish the 200-miler within the time limit. Port Dover, Ont.’s Don Bonnett was the top Canadian finisher in the men’s race.

Other notables who raced include Christian Mercier, a 2:23:21 marathoner, who won the 50-mile event in 6:44:13. Cynthia Campanaro was the top 50-miler among women in 8:11:00. In the 100-miler, Trish Benoit set a new women’s course record running 24:45:10.78.

Another impressive result was in the 10K where 10-year-old Gabriella Gallo finished in sub-50 minutes clocking 49:15.

Though the 200-miler, according to race organizers, is the first in Canada, it’s not the longest ultramarathon. That tag goes to the Yukon Arctic Ultra, which among other distances, offers a 430-miler or 692K.

Full results can be found at Enfield Timing.