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Camille Herron runs 100 miles in less than 13 hours, breaks world record

Incredible pace for 100 miles, plus it was done on the trails

Camille Herron

Camille Herron, the winner of the 2017 Comrades Marathon, averaged 4:44 per K for 160K on the weekend. Her time of 12:42:39 is a world record.

The 35-year-old American won, outright, the Tunnel Hill 100-Miler, a runnable trail race consisting of a crushed limestone course, in Vienna, Ill. on Nov. 11. The next closest competitor was Mike Bialick in 13:02:43. The third-place finisher didn’t arrive for nearly two hours after Herron.

The previous women’s 100-mile world record was 13:45:49, held by Gina Slaby from 2016, as Herron improved the benchmark by more than one hour. Herron split the first 50 miles (80K) in, according to race results, a staggering 6:07:53, or 4:34 per K pace.

“Over the moon to set a new 100-mile world record of 12:42:39 at the #TunnelHill100,” Herron wrote on Instagram. “Also surpassed the 100-mile trail FKTs for both men and women. It was a really special day! Thank you for believing in me and to everyone who made this possible.”



Herron is a two-time IAU world champion and in June won the 2017 Comrades Marathon, an 89K road race in South Africa between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, considered one of the most famous ultramarathons in the world.

Tunnel Hill 100 is a USATF certified course meaning the record just needs to be ratified to be considered official.

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