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Camille Herron breaks course record at Javelina Jundred 100-miler

Arlen Glick of Ohio won the men's race in 13:14:51

The 19th annual Javelina Jundred took place this weekend in Arizona’s McDowell Mountain Regional Park, and Camille Herron won the women’s race and placed fourth overall, setting a new course record in the process of 14:03:23. Arlen Glick of Ohio won the men’s race in 13:14:51, his ninth win at the 100-mile distance since his first one in 2018.

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The 100-mile course is made up of five loops run on the Shallmo, Pemberton and Cinch trails and features rolling single track through the Sonoran Desert. There is also a 100 km event in which runners complete three loops, as well as a single loop race, called the Jackass 31K. Each loop climbs slowly from the start to the finish, for a total elevation gain of about 1,580 feet (457m) for each loop.

The women’s race

Herron set a strong pace right from the start line and didn’t let up for the entire race, creating a nearly 10-minute lead by the 22-mile mark. She crossed the finish line fourth overall, more than 90 minutes ahead of the next-best woman, in 14:03:23. This time smashes the previous course record of 14:52:14, set by Devon Yanko in 2015. Idaho’s Brittany Peterson, who was the fourth woman at Western States in June, managed to stay within 30 minutes of Herron for more than half of the race, but was not able to keep up that pace all the way to the finish, taking second place and eighth overall in 15:47:23. Tessa Chesser of Arizona rounded out the women’s podium in 10th overall in 16:25:05.

The men’s race

Glick won the men’s race in 13:14:51, only about 13 seconds off the course record set by Patrick Reagan in 2017. A relative newcomer to the trail running scene in the west, Glick has already racked up an impressive number of wins since his first 100-miler in 2019. This was his ninth first-place finish in a 100-mile race since then, having lost only one race at Tunnel Hill, where he placed second.

This win didn’t come easily for Glick, however, and Utah’s Ryan Montgomery traded the lead a few times with him throughout the race, ultimately finishing behind him in second in 13:33:52. Cole Watson of California took the final spot on the podium in third in 13:49:33.

100K results

Tyler Andrews of Massachusetts won the overall title in the 100K race in 8:49:09, only a few minutes ahead of California’s Forrest Ward, who came second in 8:54:40. Luis Resendiz finished a fair distance behind them in fifth overall, but third in the men’s division, in 10:00:43.

The women had a strong presence in the 100K race, with five women finishing in the top 10. Cat Bradley of Colorado took the win and third place overall in 9:45:13, followed by Arizona’s Brianna Grigsby in 9:51:19, who was fourth overall. Lauren Ciccomascolo of California rounded out the women’s podium with a 6th-place finish overall in 11:09:14.

The Jackass 31K

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Ruairi Moynihan of Arizona won the 31K race in 2:10:56, followed by the women’s first-place finisher, Mary Denholm, who crossed the line in 2:39:08. The second and third-place finisher’s in the men’s division (who were third and fourth overall) were Trent Taylor of Arizona in 2:48:42 and Geoffrey Roest, also from Arizona, in 2:50:00. Joanna Kadieva of New York was the second-place women (8th overall) in 2:57:10, and Karyn Stern of Texas was third (10th overall) in 3:01:05.

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