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Trail running after 50: the man who fuels on blueberries

Learn how Terry's love for trail running (and blueberries) has added meaning and years to his life

At 50 years old, Terry Bremner ran his first trail race. He hated it. The following year, he redid the race and it felt easier. Fast forward a few years, and Bremner has run over 125 races around the world. He may not always understand the language in foreign countries, but he understands the universal language of trail running. His love of trail running has made him younger. When Canadian Running asked his age, he replied “38 years old, mentally and physically.” 

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Terry with ultrarunning legend Scott Jurek and wife Jenny

Background–it’s all in the juice

As the founder of the organic fruit and juice company, Bremners Juice, Bremner believes that “success can come by simply moving forward and dedicating yourself to your goals and ambitions.” It’s no surprise that his business mindset translates well into the world of trail running and exploration.


With no structured approach to training, Bremner prefers heading to the start line embracing the unknown. This plan of attack works, as the finish line usually ends with him on the podium. Eating blueberries and being innately curious about the world around him is his secret training weapon. “I eat tons of blueberries and my body gets me to the race. I like pushing my body and always wonder what is after the top of the mountain.”

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Photo: Terry Bremner

Racing across the world

Exploring his local backyard on the west coast as well as traveling the world for business and races is what keeps him going. Bremner loves racing in foreign countries. “Japan is a favourite, as I am generally the only foreigner, and it is a challenge to figure out the whole race.”

The most beautiful race

Racing around the world means Bremner has explored the most beautiful trails. He says the 30K Futangue race in Northern Patagonia was the most beautiful race he has ever done. A highlight for him was that “Out of 1,000 racers, I was the only non-Chilean.” 

Photo: Terry Bremner

The toughest race

Bremner has had challenging experiences both on the road and on the trail. The Great Wall marathon and Action Asia 50K in Taiwan have been the toughest races in his long list of achievements. At the Great Wall Marathon, Bremner had stopped taking in water and was pushing himself in 32 C on pavement. Trying to catch the guy in front of him, he looked as his watch 100 metres before the finish line. “That is the last thing I remember. I died during the race and was brought back to life in a medical tent.” 

Thirty-five minutes later Bremner woke up to IV surrounded by his kids and nurses. He wasn’t sure whether he had finished the race, but they told him he had. “I was in a crazy condition and still to this day don’t remember it. And 30 minutes of my life are gone.”  

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What’s next

Although Bremner has won a 3K race uphill, he prefers racing 20-30K in distance, and on the trail. He has already been solidifying his 2019 running goals, including one of the UTMB races

Bremner is also figuring out how to conquer the five sacred mountains in China over five days. They are 1,000K apart and it’s all about logistics. One day, he plans to run seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. Oh, and of course his dream to to run the first marathon on the moon.

Photo: Terry Bremner


With his diet comprised mainly of super berry fruits, it’s no question the trail runner excels on and off the trails. Bremner doesn’t believe in luck, but that we all control our own destiny. “You get out of life what you put into it. I think anyone can run trails. Many times we make excuses why we can’t do something, but ultimately that is just an excuse.” 

Bremner’s advice for those curious about trail running? From the man who runs four to seven ultra trail races a year, he says “It isn’t rocket science. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.” You can find him on Strava under “Caballo Loco.”

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