Trail running myths: don’t believe everything you see

Some myths and misconceptions

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Trail runners look and sound different than other runners. They have funny outfits, live in the back of their car, and you’re convinced they helicopter to the top of peaks. The good news is, you don’t need much to start trail running. Here are some myths and misconceptions about the strange sport to help get you started.

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You need new gear

Despite the fancy water bottles, packs, and trucker hats you see on Instagram, trail running requires minimal gear. Unless you are out in the wilderness for hours, you don’t need to go shopping. Chances are you can use your regular running gear and still hit the trails.

Trail Running Gear

You need to keep your average pace

Your average pace will look different when you are on trails. Usually this means slower because of the hills and natural obstacles. Forget keeping pace and simply enjoy running in the forest.

You need to run really far

Not all trail runners run ultramarathons longer than 42.2K. Sometimes a daily training run in the trails will cover fewer kilometres due to the terrain.

You need to run up a mountain

Trail runners often use the word ‘run’ when they really mean ‘power hike.’ Trail runners are not always running, and if the terrain is steep, they are definitely power hiking.

You need to sign up for a race

Just like road running, you can be a passionate runner without racing to a finish line. Races are opportunities to meet new runners in the trail running community, but many runners enjoy exploring the trails by themselves or in small groups.

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You need to like drinking beer

You can still have your glass of wine after a hard run. We won’t judge.


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You need to love being a dirtbag

You don’t need to live in a van, neglect personal hygiene, or grow dreadlocks to be a trail runner. Just get outside and explore some dirt.

You need to look good in a trucker hat

You can still wear your sweat band from your 80s track and field days. No trucker hat required.

You need trail shoes

Unless you are running over technical trails for many hours, your regular running shoes will suffice.

2016 Trail Shoe Guide

You don’t need much to start trail running. If you want to be a trail runner, all you need to do is run in the trails. Trucker hat and beard are optional.