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Trail tested: Saucony Peregrine 11 ST

Saucony's latest Peregrine trail shoe combines minimalism with superb traction in muddy conditions

Photo by: Matt Stetson

Saucony’s latest Peregrine trail shoe is an ideal combination of aggressive traction and minimalist aesthetics. The shoe is designed for runners to “go off trail, not off speed,” so athletes can feel confident travelling efficiently over gnarly terrain. We wanted to see what the hype was about, so we tested the shoe in a variety of trail conditions over a typical West Coast winter. We gave the shoe a run over everything from slippery roots to slush, ice and back to freezing cold river crossings.  

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Photo: Tory Scholz

Women’s size 9: 288 g
Drop: 4 mm
Lug height: 6.5 mm
SRP CAD: $150
Available: Jan. 1, 2021

Outsole and grip

The 6.5 mm multi-directional PWRTRAC lugs on the outsole were the first thing to catch our eye. With the shoe on, we noticed the stiff and solid outsole, which felt like an insurance policy for your feet. In other words, debris is unlikely to puncture your soles, no matter what surface you’re running on. We found the grip was trustworthy for descending slippery rocks, mud, running through rivers, and providing traction climbing uphill on hardened slush. The Peregrine 11 ST lugs excel in muddy, softer conditions – common over the winter on the West Coast. However, likely due to the stiff outsole, running and descending over wet roots and boardwalks was a challenge.

The shoe’s weight seems to come primarily from the solid outsole, as it includes a built-in rock plate. This can be both helpful and unhelpful to a trail runner, depending on what you’re looking for. If you are accustomed to minimalist and lightweight trail shoes, the outsole may feel stiff in comparison. But if you’re looking for a trustworthy grip and cushioned sole that will last for an ultra-adventure, then this shoe is ideal.


The shoe’s 4 mm drop keeps it feeling light, despite its aggressive sole and lugs. Its 23 mm of midsole foam mean it provides ample cushioning for those long adventure days in variable conditions. The midsole feels more stiff than flexible, so ultratrail aficionados will love its durability.

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The Peregrine ST’s aggressive lugs complement the simple, aesthetically pleasing design of the upper. The quick-lace system tucks into the tongue for optimal efficiency. Still, the 3D-printed overlay and mesh shield over the tongue provides resistance from trail debris. Even with its minimalist upper design and flexible mesh fabric, the shoe keeps your feet feeling secure and protected.   


The shoe fits true to size. Thanks to the quick-lace system, it fits well whether your feet are wide, narrow or medium. The toebox feels spacious enough for toes to move throughout the run, while feeling snug and secure overall. This shoe is perfect for muddy days when you want to keep your feet free from wet trail debris. 

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Photo: Tory Scholz

Final thoughts

The Peregrine 11 ST is considered Saucony’s most versatile trail shoe, and it lives up to that standard. With its sensible upper and trustworthy sole, it’s a shoe you can trust all around. It can be used for everyday training on all kinds of trails and conditions, especially muddy ones. It’s also excellent for longer days, when your feet need that additional cushion and protection.