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Two live storytelling events for southern Alberta outdoor enthusiasts

Boldly Went's live shows are a combination of storytelling, performance, and outdoorsy cameraderie. Audience participation is strongly encouraged

Do you live in southern Alberta and have a great story from your outdoor adventures? Now’s your chance to share it with an audience of like-minded folks in a sort of open-mic-for-dirtbags scenario. The Tacoma, Washington-based outdoor life company Boldly Went is hosting two live storytelling shows in Alberta this week: tonight (March 27) at 6:30 p.m. at the Canmore Brewing Company in Canmore, and tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. (March 28) at the Village Brewery in Calgary. 

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Stef Airey at a Boldly Went event in Calgary. Photo: Monika Deviat

Here’s how it works: the show starts with someone from Boldly Went offering tips on how to tell a great story, and audience members can sign up throughout the evening. (It’s purely optional. You can just go and listen if you’re not ready to get over your stage fright yet.) When your name is drawn, you have 10 minutes to tell your adventure story. If it’s really good it might even get featured on the company’s weekly podcast.

Angel and Tim Mathis, founders of Boldly Went. Photo: Monika Deviat

This will be the company’s fourth Calgary show, building on its partnership with Ski Uphill–Run Uphill. The southern Alberta events are expected to draw a large and enthusiastic crowd, in keeping with their proximity to the Canadian Rockies, the Great Divide Trail, and the sheer numbers of elite amateur and professional athletes who make their home in the area. There are bound to be some amazing stories over these two evenings.

Ian MacNairn, professional ultrarunner with Salomon. Photo: Monika Deviat

Boldly Went was founded in Seattle in January, 2017 and has hosted more than 40 shows across North America. In January, 2019 they published their first book, The Dirtbag’s Guide to Life Eternal Truth for Hiker Trash, Ski Bums, and Vagabonds

Want some tips on how to tell an amazing story? Click here.

Click here for tickets ($7-$15) to the Canmore show on March 27.

Click here for tickets ($7-$15) to the Calgary show on March 28.